Week 12 – 4/24 – 4/30

‘I love fishing…’

Whenever I hear a line like that I find myself seeking clarification. And sure, some people probably do love fishing…or whatever hobby they’re referring to…but this professed love so often translates as nothing more than a few rare instances scattered across a lifetime. I don’t necessarily mean this as a judgement – whoever has time for anything – but still; One fishing trip, a fisherman does not make.

In my own case, I might genuinely argue I love hiking, perhaps photography, travel for sure, and reading even more. I could not, however, say I love live music.

Truth is, in thirty years I’ve seen barely a half dozen band shows and only maybe a dozen orchestral concerts. Each has been enjoyable, but my approach to music has never been terribly social or anthropological in nature. At most I appreciate famous historical concerts with sense of wistfulness but I’m hardly ever driven to seek shows even for bands I really enjoy – with a few noted exceptions.

Friday was one such example.

Bonobo is not, as far as I know, a tremendously popular band but they managed to fill ‘Terminal Five‘. I suppose I’d describe them as slow electronica, but the music isn’t that slow and the quartet of violin players make electronica seem questionable. I might attempt to call them moody, international, akin to a sort of electronic folk…but why describe poorly when I can simply link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmitHcHqsCI

With such an abstract sense of genre, I had no idea what I might find in person. The audience was lively though and diverse. The music was a hair loud – it always is – and the venue surprisingly crowded, but it felt youthful in all the ways I usually do not. I wouldn’t often seek a group of bouncing 20-30 somethings in a somewhere city warehouse…but now that I’ve made a thing of perhaps I might go see more? Or maybe not? One good concert, a concert-going makes not either.
In the morning I planted trees at Marine Park. I had originally found the program through the Land Conservancy but it was really managed by NYC Parks with assistance from another local land conservancy specializing in the city. The park itself was small but protects a decent shoreline. The planting was an effort to fight against invasive grasses that do little for the local populations. Prior groups had already mowed the area and post-holed the ground. All that remained was the planting itself.

Truth is, I should have made a more significant effort to do some volunteerism long before now. Here in NYC I find my options for environmental volunteerism decided limited whereas upstate there were more than I knew what to do with. I made an effort though and it felt good having my hands in the soil. When this whole adventure ends, I very much need to find a place where I can plant trees, maintain trails, and count birds. Soon. Coming very soon.

Evening I ate at Buddy’s Kosher Deli. The red potato salad was noteworthy. May very well get a second look.

I mostly caught up on errands, but I did attend volunteer day at the Fire Island National Seashore. I was hopeful I could leverage the civic spirit from sunday into a gig for the national park service. Sadly their only weekend availability was interpretive roles. I was and am far more keen on resource management. Sadly, my work hours and theirs are simply not aligned. In a way, though, it might be for the best. Fire Island was lovely to visit the prior weekend but it is 45+ minutes away. The travel pollution alone is not inconsiderable…

My weekend was otherwise spent exercising, writing a bit, and doing all the other things that keep life moving forward productively. I’ve overburdened my time with tasks I cannot possibly complete, but I’m still trying to hold it all together. Maybe next weekend I’ll finally take a break…

Fat bloody chance.

But as always, we move forward.

Final Thoughts