Week 14 – 5/08 – 5/14

May 13th was Global Big Day – a celebration of birding neatly combined with one an impressively expansive citizen science initiative. One of the happy accidents of my NYC adventure is just how much birding I’ve managed to do. It’s become more of an interest in recent years, but hiking is oddly counter-productive on the birding front. Too much movement and too much distance to cover. It’s a challenge to hike here which suddenly leaves me with time to explore smaller, denser areas at times more amenable to actually seeing the animals as opposed to just hoofing it past them.

Weather was miserable, but Saturday morning I visited Jamaica Bay Nature Sanctuary. The walk around West Pond took about an hour – a nice stroll accompanied by tree swallows and mockingbirds. I had the place to myself which made taking photos really quite pleasant in spite of the dreariness. This is definitely a place I’ll need to revisit.

Not a damn thing. Had a rest day. I wrote some – not here mind you – but elsewhere. I reviewed some number of my older short stories which I weren’t as god awful as I remembered them. That does not seem to jive with just how difficulty it has been to find published homes for any of them, but that doesn’t much change the fact that I find them eminently readable…at least for myself.

Writing, Exercise, Photography. Those are the three main goals I’ve set for myself – there are of course others as well – but since arriving here I’ve managed the latter two quite handedly. The first has suffered though. Too many other tasks, too many distractions. Efforts have been made however and I’ve revised my own approach. I now have a professional column I write bimonthly so I’m not without some limited degree of success. I will however need more days like Sunday – quiet and uninterrupted – to make these efforts pay off. Soon! Maybe just maybe soon.

Other Stuff
Jersey Mike’s – deli chain. Similar to Jimmy John’s. Not bad, but a bit annoying to get to from work.
Gyro World – in contention with Avli for best greek I’ve had since moving (or maybe ever). I don’t crave Greek that often but I always enjoy it once I’ve gotten it. Solid choice and decent nearby parking.
Douglaston Deli – supposedly they have the best potato salad in NYC. It wasn’t bad but I find that claim questionable. Nice to have finally found a good deli though. Huzzah.
MaggieMoos – Excellent ice cream! I’m slowly growing find of Bayside. Quite walkable once you’ve gotten to the center area. Lively, lots of restaurants, and little gems like Maggie Moos. It’s sort of like an off brand Coldstone, but the ice cream is a little fluffier and it appears to be independently run.

Next week I’m on vacation – the second of four this year – to Iceland. Instead of having a specific weekly report I’ll likely just combine everything into one large Iceland dossier. Should be lots of photos. It will take me a bit to get together though so…wish me luck in the land of ice and fire. Cannot wait to see me some Puffins…

Final Thoughts