Week 16 6/5 – 6/11

This was a scattered week of routine and repair. A number of new restaurants filled any gaps.

Bareburger – decent but expensive. Part of that trendy genre of “fancy burgers” that does as well as their location.

Martha’s bakery – nearby on Bell avenue. Acceptable desert bakery but the gelato doesn’t stand up to Maggie Moo’s ice cream just up the street.

Press 195 – service was inconsistent and the bread a bit sharp, but the fries were genuinely fantastic.

Villa Rustica – poor selection and extra charge for sauce with garlic knots? Meh.

Greek World – likely overpriced, everything in great neck is, but the mussels really were excellent. Tough to park along the main drag. Probably a one off.

Wonder Woman
Like the rest of humanity I saw Wonder Woman. As a character her literally history has always struck me as more interesting than her artistic merits – you’re seemingly jumping right into the overpowered deep end the moment you start bringing Greek Gods into the mythology, as villains no less. How does a Batman even come to be in that sort of universe?

The film is, of course, noteworthy for being the sole watchable contribution to the D.C. Universe and thoroughly enjoyable one at that. There’s also that whole female protagonist and director thing that shouldn’t even be noteworthy in 2017 but is because our universe is as comically deranged as anything drawn with speech bubbles.

The plot was standard comic book fare and the secondary characters were shades of irrelevant. Gal Gadot was perfectly cast though and WWI is a novel enough setting. The female antagonists implied motivation was perhaps the most subtlety a super hero movie has ever shown.

I had originally hoped to view from an Alamo Drafthouse – there are two within an hour. The times didn’t work so maybe for Dunkirk which is the next movie I’m likely to care enough about to see in a theatre. It’s rare – and I feel guilty for only getting pulled for the big budget nonsense. As much as I liked Wonder Woman, we’re still rehashing an eighty year old property. There was a narrow period in my life where I saw enough movies to view the off kilter mid-list. The mid-list doesn’t exist, my time is much constructed, and off kilter only comes to film if it’s been vetted through three generations?

Who and where is the current Fitzcarraldo?

Somewhere on Netflix I’m sure. Or HBO. I’m seemingly the last person around who decidedly does not prefer to binge or even approach a long series. Just no time for this sort of thing…no matter how thinly that seem justified by what I write about.

That said – WW gets an A- or A+ if you curve for my general fatigue and ambivalence toward superheroes…

Fort Totten

I returned to Fort Totten in better weather. It was more populated this time around but the museum was still closed and the buildings somehow felt even more disheveled without the excuses of winter. I had heard from a program flyer that Ospreys were roosting nearby – after a long walk without any hint of them I discovered the nest on the far side of the island amongst the light polls. There were three in total – the one greedily clutching a half eaten fish. Not sure why it continued the fly around with the fish exactly…but it offered a great opportunity to get some more bird photos…

Next week I’m at Pukaskwa National Park in Canada. Not bringing my camera though-purely a hiking trip.

Final Thoughts