Week 8 – 3/27 – 4/02

Week 8 brought me back home. After nearly two months trapped in suburbia, I’ve been looking forward to some time with the trees and mountains. Along the way I made a good show of errands – dentist appointment, visiting my old employment, saying hello to the friends I made at my old local deli. I drove around New Paltz a bit – there’s a grilled cheese place around now and a Vietnamese place on the way but I didn’t have time to stop. I did get to visit the Elting Library though – make my showing amongst friends. It was otherwise a decent weekend for photos. Much prefer to let them do the speaking but I will append a few notes to the itinerary…

Friday Dinner: New York Restaurant in Catskill. My second visit. Food has been excellent both times, but the musical accompaniment leaves something to be desired. If only they didn’t sing… This night’s performer was actually quite talented but upstate covers of Marvin Gaye are perhaps a little less preferred… The curry rice though was perfect.


Despite some light rain which became snow toward the top, I passed Saturday morning ascending the Harding trail to the Escarpment. It’s only about two and a half miles and I didn’t go any further than the junction that heads off to Laymen Memorial, but it was a nice short jaunt in just excellent hiking weather. High 30s, low 40s is just perfect for staying cool and not sweating the moment you start moving. At the lower elevations the snow watch patchy, but by the top it was pretty well covered. I suspect it’ll be May before it’s all fully melted on the peaks – looking forward to another Catskills excursion soon/

Saturday dinner was supplied by the 3500 club at their annual meeting. There’s a photo of me receiving a letter for completing all the peaks in winter floating around somewhere…


Smokehouse of the Catskills
My butcher before leaving the area. The Lowensenf Bavarian Style Mustard is perfect on damn near anything.

Minnewaska State park is one of my favorite places in all the world. I visited soon after moving to New York is 2008 and I’ve gone back multiple times per year ever since. Peter’s Kill, in particular, is one of the loveliest steams anywhere in the state and easily accessible from both the Peter’s Kill entrance as well as the Lower Awosting trail. I did the latter this weekend through the adventurously rambling Mossy Glen trail before doing the long Awosting loop and returning on the lower Awosting Carriage Trail.

Rocco’s – my favorite pizza place (in competition with Brio’s in Phoenicia)

Cornell Northeast Ornithology Course
My birthday present to myself was an online course on bird identification. Yes, yes, I’m well on my way to being a grouchy retiree, but by starting early I’ll be ahead of the rest of the old coots.

Just a few notes on restaurants I visited throughout the week.

Margaritas – my standards for Mexican are always so high, but I certainly can’t complain.

Cordon Bleu Deli – The jerk chicken was surprisingly good.

I realize this is a very scattered entry. I’m still feeling my way through style and organization. I lean heavily toward an annotated list with photographs. Perhaps I should leave it at that. Many more weeks to fine-tune my approach, I should think. Perhaps I’ll consider it while eating my fancy german mustard…

Final Thoughts